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Immigration Needs For Businesses And Individuals

Immigration law is extremely complex, and some would argue this is by design. The laws that govern who can move to the U.S. and how long they can stay are a massive web of seeming contradictions. It takes knowledge and perseverance to overcome these issues.

At Stratagem Law Group, PLLC, attorney Matt Macklin works diligently for businesses and individuals across Seattle. He founded our firm with the intention of creating a place where entrepreneurs could turn in difficult moments. As a former executive, Matt Macklin learned the value that a thorough, efficient immigration lawyer brings to a business.

Staffing And Recruitment

Employment-based immigration is one of the major tools a corporation can use to swell its ranks. The talent pool across the world for any industry is remarkably deep, and you don’t want to lose the ideal candidate to lines on the map. We routinely help companies in industries across Washington deal with matters such as:

  • Extraordinary ability visas
  • Advanced degrees visas
  • Skilled workers visas
  • Immigrant investor visas

We can provide you with the answers you need to any question on visas, as well as how these impact your employee’s family. Additionally, we can guide you through issues around skilled and unskilled immigrant workers.

Asylum Issues

Another aspect of our immigration work focuses on those seeking asylum in the United States. Asylum is a part of international law conventions, and a person seeking asylum in the U.S. must fear persecution in their home country. That fear of persecution must be legitimate, based on either political beliefs or inclusion into a protected class.

We help people in Seattle seeking asylum and act as advocates and guides for these vulnerable people. We are unafraid of the legal challenges that you face and can help you gain the confidence to move forward.

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