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As a business owner or a professional who is dedicated to their career, administrative law issues can be complex. You do not want to make any mistakes that would put your company or your career in anything less than an ideal situation, and yet the administrative law courts are different than both civil and criminal courts. This may be the first time you are dealing with administrative hearings and other such legal proceedings, and you are not sure where to begin.

At Stratagem Law Group, PLLC, we bring dedicated legal services that are tailor-made for each client’s specific situation. Known for being innovative and effective, we understand the intricacies of the law and how it applies to your unique case. When you are looking for a business lawyer in Seattle, we are the only place you need to call.

Who Are Our Clients?

We work with all licensed professionals, businesses owners with state licenses, and municipalities who seek to dispute rulings in the administrative law arena or who seek to navigate complex regulation and statutory provisions.

If you are thinking about hiring a business attorney in Seattle, you will be glad to know we have years of experience working with people in very similar situations. We have the flexibility to take on any case. Our business law firm in Seattle has worked with:

  • Established employers and new business owners
  • Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals
  • Insurance agents and others who require a license to work in their chosen profession

You deserve a small business attorney in Seattle who puts you first and who works tirelessly on your behalf. That’s exactly what you get when you turn to Stratagem Law Group, PLLC, for a Washington business attorney.

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