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Defending Health Care Professionals Accused Of Anti-Kickback Statute Violations

Lawmakers in Washington and nationwide have started to crack down on unethical activity in the health care industry. One such practice they’ve targeted is kickbacks, which is when health care facilities pay providers to send patients to them. These payments are prohibited by both state and federal law, and violations can have serious ramifications for those accused.

Stratagem Law Group, PLLC, represents health care professionals in Washington facing these accusations. Well-versed in health care law matters and federal criminal issues, attorney Matthew T. Macklin has helped many providers defeat kickback allegations and save their careers. 

What Is The Anti-Kickback Statute?

As an ethical principle, patient referrals should be motivated by getting them the best care possible, not by financial gain for providers. The Anti-Kickback Statute aims to make this a standard practice in the health care industry.

The Anti-Kickback Statute is a federal law prohibiting health care providers from receiving financial benefits or incentives for sending patients to a particular facility. This law exists at the national level to prevent money from health care programs like Medicare or Medicaid from generating business for unethical providers. Violating this law results in criminal penalties for both providers who receive kickbacks and facilities who solicit business through kickbacks. 

The Penalties For Anti-Kickback Statute Violations

Violating the Anti-Kickback Statute can have far-reaching consequences for health care professionals. The penalties include the following:

  • Jail time
  • Fines
  • Exclusion from participation in federal health care programs
  • Medical license revocation

Those who solicit or accept kickbacks could spend up to five years in prison. They may have to pay the federal government up to $50,000 per kickback and as much as three times the amount the government paid for a kickback patient’s treatment. They will no longer be able to participate in federal health care programs. Finally, they could lose their license to practice and their whole careers along with it.

Worried About Your Career? Talk To A Health Care Law Attorney Today

If you’ve been accused of soliciting or accepting kickbacks in violation of the Anti-Kickback statute, seek legal help immediately. The faster you act, the more options you have, and the greater your chances of preventing ruin to your career and reputation.

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